About Jonathan Offt

Jonathan Offt

Jonathan and children at Compassion International school.

Jonathan Offt is a passionate and enthusiastic team leader with successful experience moving organizations forward through strategic planning. He has strengths in verbal/written communication skills (including vast public speaking), motivating people, and creative thinking. Jonathan is a dedicated team builder (at all levels) with record of facilitating positive change and creating cohesive environments. He has a solid business acumen with experience in project management, sales, marketing, human resources, and fundraising. He is a highly organized, hard worker with attention to detail to promote success of organization.

Jonathan Offt serves as a sponsor for a child in Burkina Faso, West Africa through Compassion International. He had the amazing privilege of meeting his sponsored child on a mission trip to West Africa.

Jonathan Offt and his wife have also traveled to Brazil on a mission trip. While there, they worked at a school/church doing various projects to assist them. They also visited a local orphanage and delivered supplies for the children.

In addition, Jonathan has served in various capacities as coordinator for volunteers during the floods of 2008 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He also sponsored various volunteers (both local and from various states) to work on (clean out and restore) homes in Cedar Rapids. Jonathan Offt worked with Linn County Area Evangelicals in various groups and served with Eight Days of Hope when they were in Cedar Rapids.

Jonathan also volunteers at his children’s school and at his church. The family also enjoys visiting nursing homes in order to visit and sing with residents. Jonathan is also looking forward to future mission trips that are being planned through the church, both domestic and international.