The Wonders of Compassion

Everyone knows that compassion is a good thing, but did you know that Compassion is also an organization that focuses on helping uplifting children from economic, social, and physical poverty? Not only that, it also strives to teach these children about the importance of God and Christianity as well as teaching them how to live lives as both good people as well as good Christians.

While there is most definitely a religious aspect to this charity, the real good they do comes from their work helping alleviate the struggles that extreme poverty, coupled with a lack of social integration, that have a real impact on the future of these children. Using the Bible as a guide (specifically the parts talking about the importance and dignity of every human life), this group of people sponsors children in poverty stricken areas all over the world. With creed that places an importance on education as well as social, physical, and spiritual development, Compassion works hard to both better the lives of these children while simultaneously helping them their sponsor build a unique relationship based on trust and support.

With an international reach and a commitment to being financially transparent as well, this is a great charity for those looking to help children grow in the eyes of God as well as those looking to make sure their money is being used properly.

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