Two Aid Workers Are Being Treated for Ebola.

Western Africa is currently under the shadow of the largest Ebola outbreak to have ever happened since the disease was first discovered. With over 1,200 known cases and over 670 people dead so far, governments and medical organizations around the world are scrambling to deal with the disease before it reaches other countries and continues to cause damage. Two of the most recent high-profile victims to fall ill are two American employees who were working with non-profits to provide aid and help to treat victims in Africa. Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol are currently fighting for their lives and are going to be flown back to the US so that they can receive more treatment.

This decision to fly back two people with a disease that can cause epidemics and has an, at best, 60% fatality rate is controversial to say the least. One of the patients is being flown to Emory University to be placed in their state-of-the-art isolation unit in the school’s hospital while the location of the other patient is being kept confidential. Is it intelligent to bring back patients who have a dangerous disease so they can continue to be treated? Even though people seem to have complete faith in our ability to prevent the disease from spreading on our soils, it still seems like a risky move. Even with┬ápreventative measures working at their best, people have still been getting sick. And with no known cure, the potential for more death is definitely likely. Here’s to hoping that everything works out for the best and everyone with the disease makes a speedy recovery.

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