10 Amazing Tech Nonprofits, Part 1

Technology is quickly becoming one of the quickest ways to change and improve the world. The ability to spread ideas and knowledge so easily is hugely important to addressing of inequality and lack of opportunity. Here are 10 tech nonprofits that are looking to change the world as we know it!

jonathan offt, cedar rapids, iowa

Image: One Laptop Per Child

  1. NPower: This nonprofit makes technology for social good. They have two main programs: one, the Technology Service Corps, is catered to underserved youths and veterans and the other, the Community Corps, works to connect skilled technology professionals with high impact nonprofits so that they can educated through the internet.
  2. Center for Democracy and Technology: This nonprofit is focused on the current battleground that is the fight over net neutrality. It works to maintain freedom of expression and to preserve the user experience that the internet provides. It has offices both in the US as well as abroad.
  3. Child’s Play: This is a video game industry charity that works with hospitals. It aims to increase the living quality of kids in hospitals for extended periods of time by providing them with video games and game consoles. They take donations from anyone and anywhere and also have an Amazon wish list for the children. With over 70 hospitals taking part and more signing up every week, this is a great charity to bring some happiness into the lives of those who need it.
  4. One Laptop Per Child: This nonprofit works to improve global education standards by providing rugged, low-power and low-cost laptops with internet connection. By focusing on the commonly agreed-upon truth that education is the best way to solve poverty and inequality, One Laptop hopes to educated the most underserved in the poorest countries.
  5. Code.org: First launched in 2013, Code.org focuses on expanding computer science courses in schools across the country and works to promote all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) courses as well. With an aim to make these classes part of the nation-wide core curriculum, Code.org wants to help America regain its advantage in fields where it has been lacking.

These are just 5 of the many amazing tech nonprofits that exist in this world. If you’d like to read more, the link is here¬†and the rest are coming in the next blog post!