LinkedIn now has volunteer job listings

Jonathan OfftAccording to an article on Forbes, LinkedIn is now offering listings for volunteer jobs. The listings are apart of the “Volunteer Marketplace,” where people can find anything in the volunteer sector. It is great that LinkedIn is using it’s professional social network to help various nonprofit organizations cast a wide talent search for people who genuinely want to help.

Nonprofit organizations receive a %90 discount when posting volunteer job adds. That is roughly $20-$40 per month. LinkedIn recognizes that volunteer jobs are what help drive nonprofit organization, so they don’t want to taking too much money away. Some people might think that is completely unfair for LinkedIn to charge anything for a volunteer job. LinkedIn says they need to charge a small fee so it will keep others away who don’t truly work for nonprofit organizations. They used an example of someone posting a volunteer job to clean up cat litter. LinkedIn also said they aren’t going to pocket the fees generated from volunteer listings. They plan to donate the money to nonprofit partners who helped establish Volunteer Marketplace. These partners include Catchafire, VolunteerMatch and BoardSource.

If you would like to find volunteering jobs on LinkedIn, be sure to check out Volunteer Marketplace. It is a separate section in LinkedIn. You cannot find volunteer jobs when searching in the standard search bar on the main page.